April 1, 2019


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DR ZĄBER launched crowdfunding campaign of Sentry 2.0 - Evolution of the console-sized gaming PC case

Sentry 2.0 is an evolution of Sentry, a 7L console-sized PC chassis that was crowdfunded in 2017, quickly reaching over 1000% of its campaign goal. Sentry 2.0 brings many improvements based on feedback from backers and sff enthusiasts community over original Sentry delivered in 2017.

Sentry 2.0 is a PC case highly anticipated by the small form factor PC enthusiasts, developed and improved upon original Sentry with community support, and was covered by leading PC hardware youtube channels such as LinusTechTips, Bitwit or Paul's Hardware.

Sentry is a mini-ITX desktop chassis that is truly keeping the 7L console form factor, while fitting all high-end PC components inside including power supply, and maintaining living room friendly aesthetics. Size of the case not only helps it fit in visually within home environments in front of flat screen TV, but also makes it a perfect semi-mobile workstation for indie/VR game developers taking their build machines to expos, and competitive gamers carrying their perfected setups to the tournaments.

DR ZĄBER launched Sentry 2.0 crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo with a funding goal of 1000 units.
Sentry 2.0 is available to order for $260 (€230), the same price as other crowdfunded premium cases like Dan A4-SFX and Louqe Ghost S1. Sentry 2.0 will ship worldwide later this year with DHL Express worldwide shipping.

Founded in 1996, DR ZĄBER is a small team of world-class specialists solving hard mechanical engineering problems for businesses all around the world. Company portfolio gathered over 20 years of company existence includes projects such as technical towers for telecommunication and measurements, small wind turbines and small hydro power, automation and modernization of heavy duty machines, specialized production lines, customized tools and many more.

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